MandMX.comThe book was tweeted recently by, a website with the first Chinese-English bilingual comic strip.  Run by the multitalented husband-wife team Magnus and Mingxing, features a radio podcast, news updates about China, and a cute language video series called Study Chinese with Ryan.  I especially enjoy the frequent tweets about their toddler’s verbal cuteness as he learns to speak two languages.

Content from the website was collected and published recently as Electric Voices and Stinky Tofu, and their new book project is positively brilliant – Having a Baby in China: Western Spouses Share Their Experiences Giving Birth in the Middle Kingdom.  This possible first paragraph feels a lot like a passage from my own book, only the stakes are ratcheted up about ten delicious notches!

I think she said, “go buy this medicine if you want your wife to have it.”  At least that’s what I think she said.  My Mandarin was rusty at the time and my wife or “translator in chief” was in the birthing room about to give birth through c-section.


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